Utilization concepts

 Utilization concepts


  • Residential house habitable all year round

    The house has a wood-fired fireplace with additional, separate air ducts to the bedroom and bathroom. An internal fan ensures that the heating heat of the fireplace is sufficient to warm the house during the transitional period.
    A central heating system powered by liquid gas and radiators in all rooms provide cosy warmth throughout the house, even in winter.
    The own deep well and - in an emergency - a power generator supply the house for a self-sufficient way of life.

  • Letting
    In addition to its own use, the house can also be used for rent. By the possibility of the installation of 2 additional WC/bathrooms, both a letting in the form of apartments and the letting of the whole house is no problem.

  • Center of life for artists

    The isolated location of the house with the absolute peace and the panoramic views into the hills of Tuscany, provide for a very relaxed living situation. Depending on the time of day and the season, there are a wide variety of moods that inspire artists from a wide variety of artistic genres to create their works.

  • Courses in Tuscany

    Ambitious teachers, artists and trainers from a wide range of disciplines can hold intensive courses in the relaxed atmosphere of the Tuscan hills, or use the house as the centre of personal courses.

  • Trainee center

    Intensive training courses for company trainees and corresponding service providers find here an undisturbed ambience for their activities.

  • Individual therapy centre

    Due to its absolutely quiet and isolated location, it provides an ideal basis for undisturbed therapy for a wide variety of therapeutic approaches. After installation of 2 additional WC/bathrooms, a small group of patients can of course also be accommodated.

  • Company retreat

    Companies that want to reward deserving employees individually can use Podere Le Piaggie to spend an individual holiday here. A very personal award for particularly valued employees.

  • Hunting lodge

    Since the 6.2 ha property is not fenced, all wild animals such as hare, roe deer, deer and wild boar can freely cross the property.