View from the kitchen

Using the typical Tuscany outer stairs, you will reach the balcony and the upper floor. There you may also find the former kitchen, today a very comfortable living room with the well-restored original Tuscany fireplace. Furthermore, two bedrooms and another living room are placed on the upper floor. Using the new integrated inner stairs, you will reach back to the new kitchen living, the bath and toilette. Another living room with separate door is placed near the terrace 2 on the east side of the house. A shady place for heat summer days. An additional room in basement is used as workshop and keeps the central gas heating, boiler and washing machine.


The living room, upstairs
Again the living room
Inner stairs
Inner stairs
Kitchen, tided up
Seems to be cold outside

Former, the cow and pig stable were placed on the ground floor, today's big kitchen living with the heating fireplace for open and closed mode of operation implemented by the foldaway glass front side.

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The kitchen
One of bedrooms
Interior Views