Residential house:

  • Type of construction:
    • Style: country house, Casa Colonica
    • Area: 9,6 x 10,2 m
    • Walls of natural stones, basis ca. 70 cm
    • Thermo isolated roof.
    • Doors, windows and shutter made in wood of chestnut.
    • Double thermo-glass in all doors and windows.
    • Separated bath and WC, bathroom with 1,9 m bathtub and shower.
    • Complete arranged kitchen with 4-flame gas cooking, electro oven,
      hood, wash, electrical dishwasher and front loading washing machine.
  • Living-space:   approximately 150 square metres.
  • Balcony:           7,2 square metres.


Terrace 1:

  • Separated from the house with view over the hills of ‘Chianti Colli Aretini’
  • Ca. 30 square metres.
  • Roofed with a wooden pergola.
  • Corners walled with natural stones.
  • 230V power socket and electrical illumination.


Terrace 2:

  • Placed at the east side of the residential house.
  • About 25 square metres.
  • View over the Valdarno as far as to the Pratomagno.
  • 230V power socket.


Adjasent building

  • Separated from the residential house
  • Ca. 25 square metres
  • Type of construction like the residential house
  • 230V power socket and electrical illumination
  • Original Tuscany bread and pizza oven


Water supply:

  • Own bubbler (75 m depth) with 1,5 kW pressure pump.
  • Surface well for collection of rainwater during winter time.
  • - Preparation of the drinking water :

    • Autoclave 100 litres with 1,5 kW pump, pressure controlled.
    • Mechanical filters 60 and 30 micrometer.
    • Water softener with ion exchange system.
    • Sterilization with UV-lamp conform to AISI 304 and AISI 316.

    - Hot water by:

    • Vacuum solar colectors on the roof, 300 litres boiler
      with micro controller for process control
    • or additional gas heating
    • or additional 2 kW electrical heating stick inside the boiler

    - Reservoir for rainwater:

    • 9.000 litres closed tank made in concrete,
      supplied by the roof of the adjasent building and forcer.



  • Mains connection: ENEL for 3 kW supply.
  • Additional motor driven emergency generator 5 kW
  • Priority control for pressure pump with integrated protection against dry running.
  • Various motion sensors for automatic activation of the illumination at:
    • Accommodation way
    • Kitchen door
    • Adjasent building


Central heating:

  • Central gas heating 25,8 kW, 24.500 kcal / h
    with internal 60 litres boiler for hot water.
  • Thermostatic valves and aluminium radiator in all rooms.
  • Gas tank 1,8 cubic metre, subterranean.



  • Original Tuscany fireplace on the upper floor.
  • Special heating fireplace on the first floor with:
    • Open and closed mode of operation by foldaway glas front side
    • Output: 13.960 kcal / h with electrical fan
    • Heating pipes for bathroom and bedroom, separate selection
    • Wood consumption: 5,7 kg / h


Satellite system:

  • 120 cm parabolic offset satellite dish on the rainwater reservoir
    (not visible from the residential house).
  • Front-end for ASTRA and EUTELSAT satellites.
  • Preamplifier and driver for connecting cable.
  • Additional active driven DVB-T antenna.
  • HDTV receiver for digital TV and radio.
  • DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T digital colour TV set.



First floor

Upper floor


  • Size: about 6,2 ha
  • Hilly side, partly wooded
  • View over the hills of the Chianti D.O.C.G. as far as to the Pratomagno mountains
  • Ca. 150 olive trees
  • Detached house, about 800 m to reach the small village Rapale
  • Own accommodation way to the house
  • Residential house in a distance of about 50 m from the access road
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In the back wall (north-west side) all necessary water pipes and drain pipes are already installed, in order to enable installation of additional shower / WC combinations in ground floor and in upper floor.

1. Etage_1a

Space for additional bathroom and toilet

Space for additional bathroom and toilet